Conversion in Progress

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

August 3 2011

I have not updated everyone in some time now.
I purchased some electronic components for my EV-Conversion a few months ago.
The pictures are below.  I will let everyone know how the circuit board is coming once I acquire more conversion funds. :-)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Battery Boxes built, primed and painted

Jerry and I finished the battery boxes.

They are primed and painted.

Note : I will save up and purchase POR-15 (Epoxy) to protect them from corrosion.

We re-located the rear shocks, break line, and a few brackets.

What is next - rear wiring harness, circuit board, torque rod, and 12-Volt wiring.

Until next time, check out the pictures and tell me what you ThInK!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Rear Battery Boxes Near Completion

The rear boxes are near completion. Jerry has done a great job with architecting and welding.

 I will Post more pictures when I am able to.

Until next time.....

Saturday, March 19, 2011

March Madness

Rear battery box finished (behind axle - 11 batteries)
Next - battery boxes along axle...

Construction details:

Jerry has been the backbone of the battery box build. He has graciously welded all the parts and helped with the design and bolting of the boxes.

All rear frame-members were removed and replaced with 4 inch channel iron.
I had to remove all the members and place the new ones in locations that:
1. re-establised the rigidity of the truck frame
2. supported all battery boxes under the bed of the truck
3. enabled the batteries to be raised as high as possible
4. support re-mounting the rear shocks

We had to box some of the frame to support the rear battery box.
Jerry welded skid tubes/plates to the bottom to help protect the box.
I primed the rear end of the frame and rear battery box.
I painted the rear battery box.
Jerry helped bolt it in (1/2 inch x 1.5 inch long bolts, washer, lock-washers, and nuts were used)

This may be overkill; however, Washington State is known for rough roads, pot holes, and puddles!

My wife took some pictures - Take a look (more to come in a few weeks)

Friday, March 4, 2011

March already - still working on rear battery boxes

Sorry for the lack of updates, I ran into a few issues with designing my battery boxes. I made some cardboard mock-ups of batteries (Decka's), I intend to purchase when the time comes, and measured, measured, and re-measured for a good fit.

My neighbor, Jerry, has been graciously helping me with the design and layout of the rear boxes. Jerry's suggestions have enlightened me on truck frames, rigidity, and weight balance. Our initial design was to mount 9 batteries behind the rear axle, 11 batteries between the cab and rear axle (6 on the drivers side and 5 on the passengers side). I cut the 2" angle iron to specification and Jerry tack welded them together.  

This design would have place the batteries two of the batteries (closest to the cab) 1.5 inches under the cab.

I was not comfortable with having two of the batteries slightly under the cab and that batteries sitting very low. I measured the frame, and decided I had room to place 11 batteries behind the rear axle. I even found a link ( where Michael Okrent, a gentleman who is converting his s10 to electric, has done what I was thinking about doing. I took apart what Jerry had tack welded together and started the redesign. I was able to reuse all angle iron pieces. This new design adds an additional 140 lbs behind the axle; 11 behind the rear axle and 9 between the cab and rear axle (5 on the drivers side and 4 on the passengers side). Although, the batteries between the cab and rear axle are all raised (eliminating batteries under the cab), the overall rear weight would be the same after all battery placement; 20 batteries in the rear and 4 batteries under the hood a 6V each for a total 144V. Some pictures of the earlier design are below.

Jerry suggested we box part of the frame to mount the batteries under the bed.
I am very interested in how this is all going to work. :-)

I will take pictures of the new design when I get a chance. Jerry is welding the bottom of the boxes together in his spare time and I will be purchasing some 6 inch flat-bar to begin boxing the frame.

I received a few ideas from a gentleman, Michael Okrent, who is also converting an S10 to electric:

and here:

I will keep you posted on an update within the month.

Lastly, I removed the vinyl and rear cross member the once held the spare tire:

There is much work to be accomplished......  :-O